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Outsourced Accounting

Have you been thinking about starting your own business and becoming your own Boss? In this day in age, more and more individuals are making their passion come alive by starting their own business and doing what they love. We provide consultation on how we can help pick your business entity – LLP, LLC, sole proprietorship, corporation, etc. The entity you select for your business has enormous financial and tax implications, therefore, it is important to make the right decision. We can guide you in making the right decision by explaining each choice and implications and as your business grow the business entity may change as well.

It is common with New and Small Businesses owners to try to handle their own bookkeeping; however, this strategy is not always best for business owners. Therefore, we provide comprehensive bookkeeping services to ensure a smooth operation of the financial side of your business. We provide input and planning assistance as your business needs grow and/or change, so your accounting and financial systems stay up to date with your business needs.

For business owners, it is not always easy to make important decisions without consulting with an expert. Decisions are made on a daily basis; however, if you have questions related to expanding, selling or restructuring your business, we can help. We provide business consultation to help you make the right decisions for the future of your business.

Financial statements represent your business to lenders, partners, potential buyers, and other interested parties. Financial statements are an important tool for your management decision making. We provide services to help you understand the process and assist your business fix, rebuild, and/or set up your business financials. We will work with your personnel to develop and finalize accurate and timely financial statements.

Tax Services

Business and Individual

Effective tax preparation and planning can help you minimize your future tax liability. Understanding how upcoming business opportunities may impact your tax status. We also understand the latest federal, state, local tax legislation and other developments may affect you and your business. We are constantly identifying new ways to reduce federal, state, and/or local tax liabilities. We can help you proactively manage both your personal and business tax issues.

Financial Advisory

Payroll & Acquisitions

The constant changing federal, state, and local laws and tax regulations make payroll management an ongoing challenge for business owners. Our payroll professionals are well versed on these laws and regulations, we can proactively alert you with new changes while we keep payroll running smoothly.

Our financial advisory service provides you with planning, management, mergers, acquisitions, and other advisory support which focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and its operation. We provide a full range of advisory support.

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