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Sabrina Foy is a highly skilled accountant and financial advisor. She has assisted my entire family and me with our financial needs for many years.  Her strengths and qualities are a great asset due to her keen attention to detail, and her accuracy is nothing short of exemplarily. In addition, I believe that Sabrina displays knowledge and professionalism at every meeting with her.  A few days ago I asked her for records from a few years ago that were needed, and she emailed them to me right away.  Her organizational skills are top-notch. We knew her strengths would blossom one day and they have tenfold. Thank you, Sabrina, we do not know what we would do without you!

Jacquelyn Duarte

Business Client

I had the pleasure of working with Sabrina for approximately three years to help rebuild our organization’s finances.  Sabrina rebuilt books over a three year period and defined a new financial reporting structure that streamlined the financial reporting structure for the two Board of Directors responsible for the two organizations I helped oversee.  I would strongly recommend working with Sabrina regarding any financial direction, and hope to work with her in the near future.


David Alvarez

Sabrina Foy who worked with our organization for ~2 years, she will be dearly missed due to her strong work ethic and passion for our work. Regarding her work ethic, Sabrina was invaluable in her dedication to ensure our accounts receivables remained low. For example, each year we expense nearly 200 schools to pay an annual activities fee to support their student Chief Science Officers, an important revenue stream for our operations. Due to district bureaucracies, we have found it difficult to fully collect fees from schools in a reasonable manner. To improve our systems, forged collaborations with several dozen district billing leads to better understand their process and establish a human connection point. As a result of this, Sabrina was able to collect ~98% of the activities fee, not a small feat. Similarly, we hold an annual SciTech Festival kickoff conference in which 50% of the 1300 participants come from schools, many of whom need to pay via PO (Purchase Order). When this number of requests amounts to over 300 participants from 100+ schools, collecting the registrations can be a challenge. Not for Sabrina who was able to collect 100% of the fees for our 2018 kickoff conference! If you are looking for someone who is both dedicated to their work and passionate for the mission of your organization, Sabina will be a great choice.

Dr. Jeremy Babandure

SciTech Insitute

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